Richard took another sip of his cold coffee as he scanned his four monitors willing his brain to focus on the hundreds of stories flashing by on his news feed, so he could find his next options trade.

Each screen was tuned to a different channel – news, stock analysis, his back testing chart analysis program and his brokerage account.

He sighed and tried to find another angle to relieve the pressure on his tail bone.

Richard was trying to turn over a new leaf. He was ready to start the next chapter of his trading career with new strategies for back testing and a revised list of trading rules. Since he’d lost his trading account last year, he was feeling a lot of pressure from his wife to get it together or quit once and for all.

He heard a knock on the door of his “office”… which was really his remodeled garage. No one usually dared bother him during trading hours.

The door opened as he turned to scowl at the intruder.

He saw his neighbor and his anxious-looking wife. Richard could feel the muscles in his neck contract.

“How’s it going Richard? Profitable day?” Kevin, his neighbor dabbled in day trading on days his other full time job as a portfolio manager at a bank let him.

Richard grunted and waved his hand dismissively. “Day’s not over yet.”

His wife cleared her throat. “Richard, honey, I think you’re going to want to know about what Kevin just saw down at the bank.”

“Yeah? What’s that? You guys printing money again?” Richard took a deep breath and decided to laugh at his neighbor. If he missed a trade because of it, so what. This must be important for them to interrupt him… Maybe.

“How do you think your trading would be affected if you could actually predict the price movement of a stock before it happened?” Kevin dropped this sound bite fast, so he could get Richard’s attention.

Richard’s body slumped in his chair. “What? Is that one of those news social media sentiment algorithms you’re talking about?” He glanced back at his trading screen, already losing interest.

“Nope. Richard, I saw the most amazing demo this morning that the bank’s portfolio managers are road testing. It literally takes news and figures out whether it’s going to move the stock, and by how much.” Kevin picked up his pace. “ And get this, it predicts with a level of confidence so you know whether to believe the prediction or not.” Kevin was now walking into Richard’s territory, towards the monitors. “You have to see this. I can totally see you getting way better results in a fraction of the time you spend now.”

“Seriously.” It was a statement, not a question. Richard allowed himself to get distracted, remembering when he used to get better results than his last month’s trades. He’d only eked out a small profit this year. And that was from a couple of fluke trades.

But he had put in a lot of late nights to get those results, much to his wife’s annoyance. He had to keep the faith.

“Can you login and show me right now?” Richard was already making room for another chair.

“Yeah, the bank got all of us access to a free trial. Nice perk, huh?”

“You already know how to use it after one demo?” Richard was now really interested and suddenly wary too. “This sounds too easy. Prediction is for data scientists and risk managers. Which clearly you are neither.”

Kevin sidestepped the swipe. That was Richard. “Look for yourself.” Kevin started typing. “Here’s the dashboard. See all these news alerts? Look at this one for EMC. You see it’s got a 76% confidence that it’s going to move $0.15 in the next 36 minutes. You could make money on that trade right? Except you see that yellow dot? That means caution.”

Figure 1 – Here’s what Kevin and Richard are looking at inside the DeepStreetEDGE dashboard.

Richard was trying to read everything he was seeing and listen to Kevin at the same time. “That might be a good option trade. It would depend on the options spread.” Richard was weighing in his mind what he wanted to do. He was already antsy, ready to switch over to his brokerage screen when the word ‘Uncertain”’ sunk in. “Kevin, what are you saying about that yellow dot?”

“Well that’s one of the powerful indicators of this platform. That yellow dot says “market is uncertain”.  It saves you from taking stupid trades when the algorithm determines that news and momentum are moving at cross purposes. Or there’s some kind of global macro event affecting the market. Whatever. But the important part is, you don’t take that EMC trade unless the dot is green and news is green.”

Kevin sure sounded confident after only just seeing the demo this morning.

“Green?” Richard blinked a few times trying to get what Kevin meant.

“See that news story on EMC? The type is green, meaning it’s positive news, according to the algorithm. See the one below that? NAVI. The type is red, meaning it’s a negative news story. You could short or place a put on NAVI, except that this news alert only has 38% confidence and… what else would stop you trading NAVI?” Kevin paused, wondering if Richard was still listening. So to determine that, he decided to pull something his boss did with him regularly… and his wife come to think about it. This little trick also worked well on his teenage son.

Kevin cleared his throat. “Ah, what else would make me not want to short NAVI?” Kevin asked a question to see what Richard did of didn’t take in. He crossed his arms, waiting to see what Richard would do next.

Richard was fussing with his mouse, feeling like he was treading water. Then suddenly the dashboard came into focus. “Oh, right, you said when the dot is yellow to have caution. You don’t trade… for some reason… about the news.” Richard was now quite fascinated and pleased with himself that he got it. “No NAVI, no EMC.”

“And no unnecessary losses as a result of the advanced warning you are getting that there is pressure on the Dow. That yellow dot isn’t something other traders have, but you do, by using this platform. Well, actually, I do, because I’ve got the free subscription to DeepStreetEDGE.” Kevin smiled. “You don’t.”

Richard leaned back in his chair and nodded. “Pretty slick. So what else does this thing do?” He’d forgotten all about the trade he was waiting to select so he could test out last night’s rule revisions.

Kevin smiled ready to show him the most amazing part of his new discovery. He clicked on another tab and up came the day’s Dow chart. “See that green line sticking out in front of the chart line? That’s the direction the algorithm is predicting the Dow will move to next. They say you should only trade when the Dow is moving in the direction of your anticipated trade.

Figure 2 – DeepStreetEDGE’s Dow Chart predicting where the Dow will move next. A great tool for Futures traders.

“Look at that, the Dow is Green now. Meaning the market is moving up. See that blue line down below? The higher that goes the more the market is being affected by events the algorithm can’t predict. The minute that blue line drops, you can trust the trade again.”

Kevin was working hard to download everything he learned this morning, before Richard lost interest again.

“You see that yellow line just before the Dow went up? That was a great predictor that the Dow was going to change direction. Having that advanced warning shows you when to get in a trade or a futures contract because you can see the pull back about to happen and you wait for that and then get in.”

Richard shoved his glasses higher up his nose. “Now that’s impressive. And look the dot is green and the market just did a pullback. It’s the perfect time for a trade, if what you’re saying is true. What trade should I take?”  He turned away from the platform back to his old news analysis screen.

Kevin stood up. “No, no, no. Richard, you don’t need all that anymore. Reading news feeds is your big time waster. Let’s go back to the dashboard and see which news story is worth paying attention to. Or take a Futures trade.”

“See, the Machine Learning algorithm does all that predictive analysis on the news alerts for you, so you don’t have to… and you don’t pick trades that are going to empty your bank account.” Kevin turned Richard’s chair back to the Dow chart and clicked on the Urgency tab.

He turned to Richard’s wife and gave her a big reassuring smile.

Figure 3 – HRTG was predicted to drop by $0.31. The red line on the chart shows when the alert was called, and what happened to the stock during the time period of the prediction. The predicted target was achieved.


Richard stared hard at the dashboard. “Geez, the market has started dropping again. Red dot. Red news headline. 100% confidence. I’d buy puts… Wait. It says ‘Target Hit’. I missed a good one already on HRTG. What’s the next trade?”

Kevin laughed. “You understand algorithms and Machine Learning like a pro already. We just wait till the nice British lady chimes in with a new news alert, curated for your trading pleasure.” Kevin picked up the weighty trading strategies book Richard had been looking at. “ You can read all this in the meantime, if you want.”

“News alert.”

Richard sat bolt upright and elbowed Kevin out of the way.

PG. Gillette unveils “perfect isn’t pretty” campaign.”

He went straight to his brokerage screen and examined the options spreads. “I’m taking that one. Done. Let’s see what this thing can really do.”

Figure 4 – DeepStreetEDGE algorithms have given this news alert an 85% probability that PG will move $1.38 within the next 44 minutes.These indicators are just 3 of 8 predictive indicators powering DeepStreetEDGE.

Richard’s heart was racing. What if this trading tool really did bring home the bacon. He really needed a home run this week or his results were going to be negative for the month. And negative at home.

“Ah, Richard… according to the guys doing the demo, there are a few things that you would want to double check before you ever leap into a trade just based on a news alert…”

Richard could feel the coffee burn in his heart. “Like what?” Are you telling me I just took a bum trade? I should never have let you in here.” Richard was back at his brokerage screen scanning his profit and loss.

Kevin and Richard both leaned into that screen squinting till they saw the green in Richard’s account 10 minutes later.

Richard breathed a sigh of relief.  “Hey, you don’t say. Look at that, the stock is up $0.10. I’ll take that.” And he hit the sell button in the next instant, feeling immensely relieved. Up into the triple digits for the month, finally.

Figure 5 – PG was predict to move within 44 minutes. At 41 minutes it had moved $0.10 and had still further to go, with 85% confidence.

Adrenaline surged. Richard forgot that Kevin was even there.

“I’ll accept an apology at this point.” Kevin had his arms crossed “And a bone of gratitude.”

“Hey man, I thought I was going to lose out again.” Richard then mumbled “Sorry.”

Let me show you how to work the rules on this thing so we don’t do that knee jerk trading again.” Kevin took out a single sheet of paper the demo team gave him. Then he refreshed himself on the list so he could take Richard through the finer points of trading with knowledge of the future, rather than relying on history to predict the future.

Richard’s jaw dropped. “One page. That’s all they give you to figure this thing out?”

“You just saw it for yourself Richard. How hard was it to figure out what trade to get into and when to get out?”

Richard picked up his trading strategies booked and threw it on top of the bookshelf with all the others he had amassed.

Ten minutes later, the two of them decided to get some fresh coffee so they could spend the rest of the trading day making use of the fact they now knew more than most traders on Wall Street about where stocks were moving next.

Richard, for the first time in a long time, had a good feeling that he was about to make his trading results great again.

If you would like to try DeepStreetEDGE and get the same deal that Kevin got, thenvisit here to find out how to get it. And make sure to register for the webinar so you can see DeepStreetEDGE in action, for yourself.

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